Iprint A4 Paper is one of the industry leading manufacturers of copier paper in Asia with a wide variety of specifications and customers spread around the world.

Made from the best collection of paper materials in Thailand, IPrint copier paper is a strong contender in the global paper market where high quality products and affordability takes the center stage.

IPrint copy paper has a superb printing surface, optimized to run smoothly and jam-free on all kinds of office printing machines, including: Photocopiers, Laser Printers, Inkjet Printers etc.

IPrint A4 Copier Paper is smooth and perfect for everyday use. It comes in different sizes like 70gsm, 75gsm and 80gsm. It is great for high quality printing, photocopying and everyday business use.

SGI Global Enterprises is the official distributor of IPrint A4 Paper in Nigeria. From Lagos, our Copier Papers are supplied to all locations in Nigeria and other parts of Africa.

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