In a fast paced world where businesses are looking for tools to improve their efficiency to drive increased output and income, counting machines have served as one of the most useful solution used by most businesses to achieve this goal.

As a business in need of office equipment to enhance your business efficiency, SGI Global Enterprises, one of the top dealers in Note Counting Machines in Nigeria is your sure plug.

SGI Global supplies high speed cash counting machine brands like Glory BrandtGlory GFB-800N, Laurel etc, to Banks and companies in Lagos, other parts of Nigeria and Western Africa.

All our brands of Bank note counters including Glory Counting Machines are of high quality, primed to provide effective management and processing of bank notes.

Each counting machine comes with automatic counterfeit detector, primed to ensure efficient cash management, ensure increased output and improve productivity.

Why Buy Glory Note Counting Machine from Us?

For more than 10 years and counting, our brands of Counting Machines have been top rated locally in Nigeria and internationally, across Africa and beyond.

And of course, if you’re a business looking for major distributors of Note Counting Machines in Nigeria then you’re in the right place. Because, SGI Global Enterprises have distinguished itself as one of the leading suppliers and experts in Note Counting machines across Nigeria.

Why Choose our Counting Machines?

Below are some other reasons you should buy your bank note counting machines from SGI Global Enterprises Limited:

  • Our Counting Machines are friction free, with capacity to efficiently handle bulk Banknote processing correctly without errors.
  • Buying a Note counting machine from SGI Global Enterprises entitles you to almost free delivery, to any location in Nigeria.
  • As a leader in after sales service, we also offer a one year warranty and after sales service for bulk Bank purchases of all Note Counting Machines.
  • We offer you over 5-20 percent discount for all purchases, regardless of the quantity.
  • Our Counting Machines are of the highest quality. This can be attested to by the numerous high profile clients we’ve worked with, across different industries and diverse niches.
  • We have a Client base that ranges from SMEs to corporate and commercial banks and other leading financial institutions across major locations in Nigeria, trusting us and our products, a testament to our quality and long standing industry excellence.
  • For more than 10 years, we’ve excelled in the business of sales and supplies of quality and affordable Note Counting Machines of diverse kinds and of course, you can trust us with your business needs.
  • Besides sales, we have also offered repairs services for a period spanning more than 10 years so we understand your machine needs and how to fix them when the needs are not met.

Note Counting Machine Repair Services

As part of our expertise, we fix repair and offer maintenance services for old and used Note Counting Machine to clients spread across leading cities in Nigeria.

With over 10 years extensive experience in office equipment industry, our Note Counting Machine repair services are top notched, tailor made to meet the needs of individual clients, based on specific issues as they arise.

As professionals, our team of engineers have years of experience in Note Counting Machine repairs and are always on standby to fix all technical issues while working hard to get your machines back in good shape.

We also sell tokunbo or fairly used Counting Machines. For clients who would rather not prefer to buy new ones. Our fairly used Note Counting Machines are usually of excellent quality and our prices are very affordable.

Money Counting Machine Prices

Be it a one man business, large enterprise or multi nations, our money counting machine prices are very competitive, affordable and pocket friendly for businesses of all kinds, even though we sell industry leading quality products.

We also offer over 15 percent discounts for all sales in our outlets as we are committed to offering businesses the chance to enhance their efficiency for a better outcome in profitability, regardless of their budget or business capacity.

Below are pictures of the Note Counting Machines and Time Stamping Machines we sell:

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