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SGI Global Enterprises is one of the leading suppliers of Printing Calculators in Nigeria, with over ten years’ experience in supply and delivery of quality Printing calculators including other office machines.

SGI supplies printing calculators like Casio Printing Calculator, Sharp Printing Calculator, Sharp Heavy Duty Desktop Printing calculators etc.

Each printing calculator has capacity to incorporate a fast and durable printing unit for clear printouts in one or two colors

Our calculators are one of the best qualities you can find in Nigeria. And our prizes are very affordable for both big and small businesses.

Where to buy Printing Calculators in Nigeria

Besides our wealth of experience as one of the most reliable dealers in printing calculators in Lagos and Nigeria generally, here are some reasons to buy from us:

Affordability: Our Printing calculators are not just from the leading global brands, they are very affordable both for Major businesses and even SMEs.

Huge Discount: At SGI Global Enterprises, we offer huge discount when you buy more than one printing Calculator.

Free Delivery: Another reason people prefer buying Printing Calculators from SGI Global Enterprises is because we deliver to you wherever you are in Nigeria, FREE.

Established Client Base: Finally, we have an established client base which involves leading first tier banks in Nigeria who have used our services for so many years and still counting.

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