Fireproof Safe

Looking for where to repair Fireproof Safes in Nigeria?

At SGI Global Enterprises, we are experts in repairs and servicing of Fireproof safes in Nigeria, with over 10 years industry experience and a diverse combination of clientele.

Our fireproof safes repairs and maintenance services are of the best quality, performed by experts and suited for all kinds of fireproof brands.

We repair old and malfunctioning fireproof safes including fairly used ones at very affordable prices.

Fireproof Safe Repairs Specifications

The following are some of the major areas we work on fireproof safes;

  • Replacement of faulty combination locks
  • Replacement of key locks with new keys
  • Servicing of safes
  • Change of number of combination
  • painting the body of the safe
  • Installation of new combination lock
  • Fitting of safe in the wall etc.

With over 10 years experience, we are a well known brand for fireproof repairs. Also, our fireproof repair services comes with a huge discount for all bulk repairs. And we attend to clients at all locations within Nigeria.


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