Glory Brandt Counting Machine

Do you want to Buy Glory Brandt Counting Machines capable of counting bulk currency notes with zero errors?

SGI Global Enterprises is a major distributor of counting Machines to businesses in Lagos and major cities across Nigeria.

We sell premium quality machines that are durable, recognized internationally for its high speed, accuracy and prompt arrangement of Bank notes.

Why Buy Counting Machines from Us?

We sell superior quality counting machines like Glory Brandt 8672 Banknote Counter, Glory 800N, Talaris/Delarue, capable of counting a batch of up to 1,800 notes per minute and each of the machines is equipped with advanced features.

This lightweight and compact counting machines have been the preferred choice of a wide range of businesses, including banks, hotels, casinos, supermarkets, retail shops, and many others.

Our machines are not just affordable; they come with a range of discounts; from 5-15% discounts for all purchases, depending on the quantity of machines purchased.

Our Counting Machine Specifications

Each machine is configured to be able to count Banknotes at the range of 4 speed levels from 500, 1000, 1500 and 1800 pieces/minute. Other features include; variable counting speed, batch counter, multiple currency.

When you buy a bank note counting machine from us, you get a discount of up to 5% for each purchase. And for bulk purchases, you can get over 15% discounts on all brands of counting machines sold within our outlets.

Besides sales and supply of new counting machines, we also sell high quality fairly used counting machines at affordable rates. All our machines are delivered to clients at all locations in Nigeria and West Africa


Glory Brandt Counting Machine


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