Need a Do It Yourself Coding Stamp that can help you print Manufacturing Date, Expiry Date, NAFDAC Number, Batch Number etc. on your product? Then Trodat typo coding Stamp is all you need.

SGI Global enterprises is one of the leading supplier of Trodat Coding machines in Nigeria. With our Trodat Typo coding stamps you can print your manufacturing, expiry date and even batch number on your product.

It is a manual batch coding stamp machine that is beginner friendly, it can be hand held and can be used on different printing surfaces.

Each Trodat Typo coding stamp comes with self-inking capacity in various colors and various sizes with original ink that prints on nylon labels and all surfaces.

Where to buy Trodat Typo Coding Stamp in Nigeria?

At SGI Global Enterprises, you can buy high quality Trodat typo coding stamp in Nigeria and have it delivered at your doorstep, wherever you are in Nigeria.

Why Buy Trodat Typo Coding Stamp from SGI Global Enterprises Limited?

Number one reason why Nigerians prefer to buy Trodat Typo Coding Stamp from SGI Global Enterprises is because our manual batch coding stamp does what it says.

Below are some other reasons why you should buy your coding stamp from us.

Reliability: We’re one of the most reliable suppliers of the Trodat Coding Stamp in Nigeria. And over the years, our manual batch coding machine has continued to deliver high value to clients within and outside Nigeria.

Affordability: Our Trodat Typo Coding Stamp are not just affordable, they are of the best quality you can get, anywhere in Nigeria.

Huge Discount: Buying your coding stamp from SGI Global Enterprises qualifies you for over ten percent discount on bulk purchases.

Free Delivery: As an added discount, you get a free delivery of your Trodat Typo Coding Machine wherever you are in Nigeria.

High Profile Client: You don’t have to take our words for it. Besides SMEs, our high profile client base has not only retained our services over the years, we keep getting newer clients that believe in our excellent services.

Below are some of our Trodat Typo Coding Stamp in pictures.

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