Glory GFB 800 Cash Counting Machine

Looking for where to buy high quality Glory GFB-800 Counting Machines in Nigeria?

SGI Global Enterprises Limited is a major distributor of Glory Counting Machines to banks, SMEs, businesses and other organizations in Nigeria.

At SGI Global Enterprises, we supply major recognized counting machine brands like Glory GFB-800, Glory Brandt, Glory Talaris Delarue etc within and outside Nigeria.

Glory GFB-800 Counting Machine Features

Our Glory GFB 800 Counting Machines are of superior quality, designed to ease bank note processing, ensure note counting accuracy and aid in bundling of bank notes for all kinds of transactions.

Specifically, each of our Glory counting machines is optimized to perform the following functions;

Batch Operations: Each of our Glory counting machines are optimized for automatic batch operations.

Speed and Accuracy: The Glory GFB-800 Counting Machine is globally recognized for its high speed and accuracy in processing of bank notes.

Variable counting Speed: Our Glory counting machines can be set to count bank notes in up to 4 counting speed levels. With this setting. each machine can count bank notes at any of the following speed levels: 500, 1000, 1500 and 1800 pieces/min.

Fast Counting Speed

With a counting speed of up to 1800 pieces of bank notes per minutes, our Glory Note Counting Machines delivers prompt handling of Bank Notes efficiently.

Glory Counting Machine Prices in Nigeria

At SGI Global Enterprises, our Glory Counting Machine prices are affordable for both small and large businesses.

Beyond our affordable prices, we also offer up to 15 percent discount for all bulk sales and 10 percent discount for other sales.

Why Buy Glory Cash Counting Machine from Us?

The following are some reasons you should consider buying your glory note counting machines from us;

  • We offer almost free delivery to all locations within Nigeria
  • 1 year warranty for all bulk purchases
  • We provide free after sales services for up to 6 months
  • Free technical support

Besides all of this, we also provide customer services that ensures you enjoy the benefit of using your counting machines without any hassle.

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