Glory-GFB 800 Cash Counting Machine

Looking to buy a durable and high quality cash counting machine for your business?

SGI Global Enterprises Limited is a major supplier of high quality cash counting machines like Glory GFB 800N, Glory Brandt, Talarus De Larue, to Banks, Super stores, SMEs and other businesses within and outside Nigeria.

As a top dealer with over 10 years of experience in supplies, sales and repairs of Money counting machines, our products are of the best quality, primed to meet all customer specifications.

Money Counting Machine Specifications

Our cash counting machines are advanced machines, configured for delivering exceptional speed and efficiency.

Each machine has automatic batch functions and a four step counting system, with capacity to count up to 1800 bank notes per minute.

Technology used for our brand of cash counting machines minimizes errors, minimizes error that accompanies fast counting processes.

Why buy Cash Counting Machines from Us?

We sell affordable Cash Counting Machines, primed to give you the best counting experience, provide efficiency for your business and fast track your cash processing.

For each Money Counting Machine sold, we offer a range of discounts to all our customers ranging from 5-15% discounts, depending on the number of purchase. And delivery can be sent to all locations within Nigeria and West Africa.

As part of our special package, we also offer our esteemed customers 6-12 months warranty, including after sales services.


Glory Gfb 800 Note Counting Machine


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