A company seal is an official seal used to stamp a company’s signature on important documents. It is usually used as an evidence, to show that an agreement or document was exercised unbehalf of the company by its authorized agents.

Although some countries have reduced their use of company seals, in Nigeria for instance, company seals are still used especially in banks and most companies.

It is also used in other common law countries to officiate deeds, leases and even bank accounts.

When and How to Use a Company Seal

  1. Use a company seal only for official company business.
  2. Understand the legal requirements as regards company seals in the area you operate your business.
  3. Use the company seal on all important company documents.
  4. Use the seal like the company signature. This will indicate that the company is acting.
  5. Your company seal, carries a mark of authenticity and originality of documents hence it must be used only on documents that is so deserving.

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