A counting machine is a machine that uses high powered technology to count Bank Currency Notes and sometimes coins.

The first Bank Note Counting Machine was invented by Zhi Tian Sie, in 1958. Zhi, a Chinese Banker invented the Counting Machine, after entering into a competition which he finished at 3rd place.

Bank Note Counting Machines generally provide a total number of the currency notes deposited in it. In some cases, it also stacks the notes together in bunches for bundling and wrapping purposes.

How Counting Machines work

All counting machines have slots where currency notes are placed. When these notes are placed successfully, the Counting Machine works by using a fast repetitive motion to lift the Bank notes deposited in it.

Doing this pushes the Notes forward, and the light beam disruption sensor keeps a count of the number of times the disruption occurred. The total number of disruptions in turn yields the total number of notes counted.

Also, Counting Machines don’t just count Bank Notes; they also detect fake currency Notes using the ultraviolet and infrared detection mechanisms incorporated into most of the recently produced note counting machines.

Types of Note Counting Machine

Basically there are 3 major types of Note Counting Machines, based on what they do. The following are the major types..

  1. A simple Money Detector Machine. This machine has ultraviolet detection capacity that enables it to detect fake and rogue currency Notes.
  2. Money Value Counter Machine. These machines counts the number of notes without checking their denomination
  3. Mix Counter and Sorter. Batch Counter and Sorter machines have capacity to count, detect, sort and batch count currency notes.

Popular Note Counting Machine Brands in Nigeria

There are many different Note Counting Machine brands around the world. Out of these, there are a few popular Counting Machine Brands used in Nigeria.

Glory GFB-800 Bank Note Counting Machine

The Glory GFB-800 Note Counting Machine is one of the most popular brands of Note Counting Machines in Nigeria. It is a durable desktop banknote counter, recognized for its high speed and accuracy. It comes with a fake note detector to protect against and detect counterfeit currency notes and is capable of counting up to 1,500 stacks of currency Notes per Minute.

Glory Brandt Note Counting Machine

The Glory Brandt Counting Machine, formerly known as Talaris /De La Rue is perfect for high volume banknote processing. It is also one of the popular Bill Counters in Nigeria equipped with a high capacity, heavy-duty, bank-grade counter with a fast counting speed that can count up to 1,750 notes per minute.

Zenith Note Counting Machine

Zenith Counting Machine is one of the most popular in demand and cheap counting machine in Nigeria.

It is a professional currency counter designed to tackle a wide variety of counting jobs. It processes bank notes fast, accurate, and is equipped with a host of features that aid the counting and bundling of Bank Notes.