Have you ever asked yourself, what is self-inking stamp? Well, this is it…

A self inking stamp is used by companies and businesses to emboss their signs, logo, dates or other important information on documents.

A typical self-inking stamp usually is made of rubber stamp, designed in a cabinet based mechanism that contains mainly three parts, namely: a spring, ink pad and a customized stamp.

Self-inking stamps work with these three components. While the stamp is not in use, the stamp sticks on the pad. Thus, it always contain ink while in use.

The spring act as a medium to rotate the stamp between the pad and the paper.

self inking rubber stamp

How to use a Self inking Stamp.

Every Self Inking stamps has three components. That is, the actual stamp, the stamp pad and the frame that houses both. Although usually made from plastic, the self inking stamp is only a couple of inches in height by an inch or two wide.

The stamp text or graphics are viewed from a sticker that is attached to the top where you hold it.

In order for a self inking stamp to work, a specific motion must be used to manually, but seamlessly place ink from the inkpad onto the stamp.

When using a self inking stamp there is one single motion that will have to be completed. While holding the stamp handle, place the bottom portion of the stamp on the paper where you would like to have stamped…

When that is done, you can then now simply press down…After this, the handle will be able to depress about an inch or thereabout.

In this movement, you are actually causing the stamp to be inked by the pad, then as you continue the action, the stamp and pad rotate away from each other and the stamp is put on a trajectory directly towards the paper.

As you continue to apply pressure the stamp which is now now wet with ink presses against the paper leaving its mark.

Benefits of using Self inking Stamp?

The following are reasons why self inking stamp is preferred by most companies:

  1. Best for stamping large quantities
  2. Works quickly with a simple press
  3. Can handle rough and heavy use
  4. Can use a variety of inks which is useful for periodic re-inking Self-inking stamps make about 10,000 impressions before needing ink
  5. Easy to re-fill ink on your own
  6. Affordable with good quality impression.
Dater stamps in nigeria

Where to buy Self inking stamp in Nigeria.

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