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Types & Uses of Rubber Stamp in Nigeria

Buy Rubber-Stamp in Nigeria

A Rubber Stamp is a device used for inking or imprinting dates, commonly used phrases a message or design on a document. It is used mostly for official purposes. When used on documents, Rubber Stamps create a crafty impression suitable for a variety of uses. It is also pocket friendly and also offers an economical […]

Checkwriter Machine in Nigeria: Types and Uses


A check writer machine is an electronic device used in imprinting figures or amounts on a bank check or drafts in such a way as to prevent fraud by alteration or erasure. It is a popular machine used in banks and other financial institutions, used to checkmate unauthorized alteration on checks and bank drafts. Types […]

Types & Uses of Company Seal in Nigeria?

pocket company seal

Company Seal also known as corporate seal is an official seal used by a company or other corporate entity to stamp or emboss official documents in order to demonstrate its authenticity. Usually, a company seal can be regarded as a company’s official signature. It has embossed on it, the company’s name, and its registration number […]

What is A4 Paper in Nigeria?

Iprint A4 Paper

A4 Paper also known as A4 Copy paper is the standard paper size used for official documentation purposes in most countries around the world, excluding countries in North America. It is a standard copy paper size, established by the International Standards Organization, ISO. The usual dimension for A4 Copy Papers is 210 x 297 mm. […]

5 Top dealers in Note Counting Machines in Nigeria

Glory Brandt Money Counters in Nigeria

Who are the top dealers in Note Counting Machine in Nigeria? You must have asked yourself this question. Especially if you want to buy some new counting machine for your business. This post is about to answer your question as you choose the best counting machine vendors in Nigeria. Before we start, i’m sure you […]

How to identify fake currency notes

how to identify fake currency

Having a fake currency note in your pocket is as good as walking around with a piece of paper. There’s absolutely no single monetary value attached to a fake currency, especially here in Nigeria. And most of the times, you won’t actually know you’re having a fake currency with you, until it’s been spotted out. […]

5 Benefits of Note Counting Machines

note counting machine

Technological advances have made life easier especially when it comes to the way we conduct businesses. Specialized office machines and equipment like note counting machines, currency verifiers etc. have helped us improve workplace efficiency and accuracy in business transactions. These machines provide us with a variety of solutions, all aimed at improving efficiency, accuracy, and […]

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