A Rubber Stamp is a device used for inking or imprinting dates, commonly used phrases a message or design on a document. It is used mostly for official purposes.

When used on documents, Rubber Stamps create a crafty impression suitable for a variety of uses. It is also pocket friendly and also offers an economical option over other stamps like the self-inking and pre-inked stamps.

Types of Rubber Stamp

There are three popular types of rubber stamp. These are:

  • Pre-inked stamp: For pre-inked stamp, usually, stamp ink is poured into the body before printing can be done.
  • Self-Ink Stamp: This is a popular kind of stamp that comes attached with a stamp pad built into the ink’s body. With a self-inking stamp, you don’t need a separate ink pad.
  • Wood-handle stamp also called wooden stamp: Here the rubber die is adhered to a wooden block, and a separate ink pad is used from the stamper. A wood handle stamp can be used for different kinds of works.

Uses of Rubber Stamp

Generally, rubber stamps are used by businesses but they are used for different purposes, depending on the business involved. The following are the most popular uses of rubber stamp;

  • Rubber stamps are used by companies and businesses to keep a track of their documents.
  • It is used to imprint names, logo, company signature etc. on a document.
  • It is used in stamping a large number of documents.
  • Rubber stamps are also used in authenticating documents
Rubber Stamp Types and Uses
Rubber Stamp Mockup | Credits; Good Mockups

How to use Rubber Stamp

To use a rubber stamp, press the part with your company logo/sign on to an ink pad that’s been wet with ink. Remove it after a while and then place the stamp on to a document in order to show that the document has been officially dealt with.

While using your rubber stamp, be sure to use it on a solid, even surface like a table to get your imprint properly done. Also, if the surface of the table is rough, consider placing some soft cushion like large sheet of paper to give it additional support.

Where to buy Rubber Stamp in Nigeria

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