A4 Paper also known as A4 Copy paper is the standard paper size used for official documentation purposes in most countries around the world, excluding countries in North America.

It is a standard copy paper size, established by the International Standards Organization, ISO. The usual dimension for A4 Copy Papers is 210 x 297 mm.

Uses of A4 Copy Paper

Naturally, A4 is the standard paper size used for documents and most printing purposes and as such, it is used in printing a wide range of documents, including letters, forms etc.

It is also the default size used in making notepad, encyclopedia, children books, magazines, catalogs and a host of other documents and writing materials used for official purposes.

Common A4 Paper sizes

A4 Paper comes in different sizes, measured based on their weight. The most popular sizes used in offices are GSM 70, 75, and 80. Although there are other sizes, these are the three most used paper sizes for A4 papers in Nigeria.

Resolution needed to print an A4 size picture

To get the right output for your image, it needs to have a certain minimum resolution. Usually, the number of pixels will depend on the required output quality.

So, at 300 ppi (pixels per inch) an A4-sized image needs to contain at least 2480 × 3508 pixels. This is the required resolution for quality offset printing for materials such as books, brochures, magazines, calendars, because they will be viewed from a short distance.

For printing of photo books, it is also the best resolution but a lower pixel count like 250 dpi is still fair enough for great-looking photographs.

At 150 ppi the image needs to be 1240 × 1754 pixels. This is the minimum resolution for newspapers or posters and other documents viewed from a fairly short distance.

While making your choice for a camera, consider using a digital camera with a decent image quality and a resolution of 8 megapixels or more as this can deliver high-quality A4 size pictures. Other digital camera with lower resolution is still fine but the result may be different the ones that are quite lower.

Where to buy A4 Paper in Nigeria

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