Company Seal also known as corporate seal is an official seal used by a company or other corporate entity to stamp or emboss official documents in order to demonstrate its authenticity.

Usually, a company seal can be regarded as a company’s official signature. It has embossed on it, the company’s name, and its registration number with the corporate affairs commission.

Types of Company/Corporate Seal

Depending on the type of transaction carried out by a company, a company may use different kinds of seals for different purposes. The following are the popular kinds of company seal currently in use;

Company Seal: A company seal stamp has embossed on it, the company’s name and CAC registration number. It is one of the most prominent seals, used for the authorization of documents and transactions.

Financial Seal: These are seals used in authorizing financial transactions such as issuing of checks and opening of bank accounts.

Contract Seal: This is used to represent the authority of a company, when entering into contract.

Invoice Seal: This is used to authenticate the invoices issued by a company.

There are a handful of other seals like the Lawyer’s seal, Customs seals etc., used by different entities and companies, based on specific needs.

Uses of Company Seal

A company’s seal is used for many different transactions to authenticate a company’s authority, including but not limited to the following:

  • Important Company Contract and Deeds
  • Company Resolutions
  • Loan Documents
  • Minutes from board of directors
  • Property transfer and execution of certain contracts like land related contracts
  • Some Important International Transactions

Where to Make Company Seal in Nigeria

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